Logan, First Mate

Fall 2014

Logan, my first mate, is a reluctant live aboard.  He is currently 7 years old and has diabetes so he has received insulin daily for the last two years. Logan has certainly had an adjustment period on the boat, but he is an adaptable chap and he’s coming around to our new way of life, but I wouldn’t classify him as salty just yet.

He still won’t leave the cabin for the most part, nor will he look out the windows.  He has several play ropes hanging that he boxes regularly for exercise, and the laser pointer is just as much fun on the boat as it was on land. Cat nip is liberally applied. He has become more social now that there are fewer places to hide and comes out to greet his friends once people stop walking on his roof. He hogs the electric blanket in the winter time and has his basket in the back of the quarter berth for when we are underway, although occasionally he prefers to be under the blanket in the V-berth. He is very good about his litter box habits and we finally found a litter box system that works well for us on the boat so that there’s no longer cat litter everywhere.  He likes to help with projects, especially when it comes to open books lying around or things that need to be done on the table top.

Here’s a bit of his take on the whole process.  Stay tuned for updates and photos!

Day 1 – We Are Going Where?

Today my human put me in the little mesh box that usually means I am going to the vet to be jabbed by needles, so I was understandably worried.  Instead of the vet office, she let me out in a very small, oddly shaped house.  The door to the outside is tiny and located near the ceiling atop a ladder.  She showed me the outdoors and I was appalled to see we were surrounded by water.    I can only assume my human is being exiled for some terrible crime and has taken me down with her.  Life can be so cruel.

 What IS she thinking?

What IS she thinking?

Day 2-In The Pokey

Apparently our prison cell is called a boat.  It must be some type of half-way house since my human is allowed to come and go.  I however, have not been granted such privileges despite my innocence.

Day 4-We Are All Going To Die!!

There was a large, prolonged earthquake today.  The boat made terrible sounds and tilted on it’s side and I was sure collapse of the entire structure was imminent.  I was convinced we would die and I hid as best as I could at the back of a small cave that appears to be intended for a human to lie down.  My human and her friend Micah did not seem concerned about the obvious danger.  I have suspected for some time they may not be very intelligent, and am convinced now that my unease was warranted.



Day 18-House Arrest

After a short furlough back to our old home with the large cat bed, my human took me back to the boat prison.  She must have committed another crime.  I have planned a campaign of passive resistance by staying under the covers in the small triangular cat bed until she pleads with the authorities to let us return home.

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Day 22-I Think She Is A Witch

Today I found my human had uncovered a large metal object in the middle of the boat and was draining it of black blood.   I cannot imagine the loss of so much blood without certain death. To my shock and surprise, she then transfused new amber colored blood back into the object and it roared to life with a terrible noise a short time later. I believe this is the object that creates the earthquakes.  Perhaps her crime, which has banished us to this place, is one of witchcraft.  This may explain why I have been mistaken as her accomplice due to my physical appearance.  Profiling is unfair and I will protest by knocking things over with my tail while pretending not to notice.

Day 29-Must Be On A Fault Line

The earthquakes continue and still my human recognizes no danger in this situation.  I refuse to be so reckless and brace myself in the pointy cat bed under the covers.  I have yet to understand why she appears so happy during these catastrophes.

Not Leaving

Not Leaving

Day 31-The House Travels

Apparently we are on a journey.  The house was in motion for a very long time for two days, then books of maps started cluttering my sleeping areas.  We are somewhere called the San Juan Islands.  There was one long day when I thought perhaps I might lose my breakfast, but my blanket in the V-Berth strategy has saved me again. I don’t know how long we will stay.

Where Am I Supposed To Sleep With All This Clutter?

Where Am I Supposed To Sleep With All This Clutter?

Day 53-Visitation with Emily!

Today my friend Emily joined us in the small jail called our boat.  Like my human, she seemed quite happy to be here, but I can only think that it is because she knows her incarceration will be brief.  I can hear people walking on the roof – I believe they must be the guards. This doesn’t seem to bother Emily, but then, nothing seems to bother Emily. I think she is part cat because she can sleep anywhere.

I Did Not Agree To This Type of Fun

I Did Not Agree To This Type of Fun

Day 62-Out of the Pokey!

Again my human put me in the little mesh box, but I was relieved to be let out in the old home with the large square cat bed that I feared I would never see again.  I can only hope that she will not break parole this time. I have decided to shed large quantities of hair in celebration, with the hope she will recognize this as a sign of my happiness and try harder to be a law abiding citizen.

Promise Me You'll Be Good

Promise Me You’ll Be Good

Day 74-Again? How Hard Is It To Behave?

My human must be a terrible criminal.  Again we have been cast back into the jail boat with the small pointy cat bed.  Acts of opposition on my part have included self imposed seclusion, and when there was no response, vociferous protestations.  My human remains unmoved to my plight and has tried to quiet me with a strange herb. I suspect she may have drugged me because I became very hungry, then very sleepy and stayed in the pointy cat bed for an extended period. Tomorrow I will leave a large hairball on the blanket to see if she notices.

This Is Where I'll Stay

This Is Where I’ll Stay

Day 75-Brrrrrr, Winter Has Come to the Boat

It has been very cold on the boat lately, and I believe my human is using me for warmth like a cheap blanket.  The humiliation of being treated as an object is unbearable.  I will groom myself loudly in the middle of the night just out of her reach to show my displeasure and to encourage the purchase of a warmer blanket.

Day 79-Why Don’t You Have Litter, And Why Is That Door Always Closed?

I feel sorry for my human that she has no litter to scratch at all.  Despite our predicament, I do care for her.  In a show of solidarity, I try to accompany her to her litter box as often as possible and make eye contact to show my interest in her activities. Often however, she will not hold the door open long enough for me to decide to go in, or back out, or perhaps back in.  Humans have little patience.

Day 84-Starvation

I awoke in the middle of the night to find my bowl almost empty.  Concerned that starvation was imminent, I pushed the bowl around until it fell causing a great noise and scattering the remaining morsels.  My human did not notice.  Fearing I may perish before morning, I loudly sang the mourning song of my people.  This moved the human from the pointy cat bed which she calls a V Berth and I was sustained until daylight.

Starvation Imminent

Starvation Imminent

Day 87-Happy Pillows!
Today I explored the area behind a cushion that my human calls a pantry.  I cannot believe such a glorious hiding place had not been discovered before now!  I sang the song of joy from within the darkness when I found the soft cushion called Whole Wheat and spread myself as evenly across it’s supple surface as I could.  The cushion is somewhat small compared to my large frame, but by massaging it first I was able to locate the perfect position for my afternoon repose.  This boat thing is getting better.

Day 94-Plumbing Conundrums

My human was attempting to read a large book full of diagrams of human litter boxes and appeared somewhat distressed.  Despite dragging me into exile, I still have a fondness for her and want to make sure the food dish stays full.  I selflessly relieved her suffering by laying across the open book pages and falling asleep. I believe I lightened her load and will hope for a reward.  Perhaps more of the strange herb.

I'm Helping

I’m Helping

Day 100-Acceptance Is The First Step

I appears that I will not leave this place.  I have resigned myself to make the best of it by shedding large quantities of hair throughout the domicile as well as the stack of newly washed fleece garments.  I am hoping that my human will notice my acceptance and contribution, but just in case I will leave a hairball at the bottom of the steps as a welcome.

Day 105-There Is No Logic

The birds taunt and mock me.  I can hear them just outside saying “mine, mine, mine” and then cackling like an old woman. There is no logic in a world where birds are on water and not in trees. Perhaps I have gone down the rabbit hole.

There Is No Logic!

There Is No Logic!

Day 114-Laser Days!

My human brought my beloved laser pointer to our new home today. She tried to hide it, but I know it by sight and the sound of the chain. I now know she truly cares for me. I have chased my friend the light all over this place she calls a boat and am exhausted and content.  The strange herb was good as well.

Good Herb

Good Herb

Day 120-I Don’t Think That Was A Human

There were many humans in the boat home today. I think one of them may have been a dog.  The individual in question was wearing a sweater so I could not be sure… I did not make eye contact just in case.

Day 124-It Warms Itself

I am now used to the earthquakes, they are a part of life here in the boat home. I believe the earthquakes come from the blue beast my human transfused when we first got here.  I stay under the covers until it has been quieted and the boat home no longer sounds as if it will come apart from every side.  I fail to understand why the humans are still not alarmed by these events.

On a positive note, she did bring home a blanket that warms itself and I believe I am in love.

So Warm

Day 130-You Have To Be Smart About These Things

I have been watching my human closely, and have determined she is at her weakest while doing her ‘work’ on the computer and phone.  It is at these times that I sing in my loudest voice and walk across the table. She has no choice other than to bring me more of the wonderful green herbal delight.  Now, where is the laser pointer?

Always Pick The Right Time

Always Pick The Right Time

Day 140-Always Be Charitable

Laundry day may be my favorite day, especially in the winter when there are so many sweaters and fleeces laid out to rest upon. I like to leave a little of myself everywhere I can as a reminder of my affection for the human who fills the bowl and because she has no fur of her own other than that patch on top of her head.

Day 142-Forgetfulness

My human sometimes has to be reminded to put more food in my dish.  Unfortunately, she usually needs to be reminded very early in the morning, which I realize is a difficult time for her, but I must protect my interests. If only she would learn to be more proactive this might not happen.  Seriously…there were only a dozen kibbles.

Day 162-Sands In The Hourglass

My human was gone for a very long time. I know it was a very long time because my bowl was not completely full. When she came back to the boat I attempted to get her attention and let her know I was upset by standing on the table.  This always gets her attention because she dislikes it very much. Instead, she went to her litter box, but left the door open. I waited an exhausting 10 seconds before I decided to join her and communicate my needs via the deep stare.  My bowl was soon filled.

Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

Day 170

There is a beast the human calls vacuum, and she appears to like it.  I detest it. I refuse to stay in the same room with it. It eats and screams at the same time and has changeable mouths.  Its food of choice is all the hair I have deposited to keep my home comfortable and warm.  There is no reason for this.

Day 175

I discovered a perch today.  In actuality, I discovered a ticking clock on the wall after some of the delicious herb.  My human saw me staring upwards and thought I needed a lofty bed and made one for me.  She does have her merits. The clock however, continues to vex me.

Day 180

My only emotion today is gratitude. My human brought the wicker basket from the old house. This wonderful basket is lined with a red fleece blanket and it fits my substantial body like a glove. I have parked myself in it and can only purr like a sex machine. We did watch a James Brown Movie a few days ago – that might be where I got that.



Day 280

It has been some time since I wrote to this journal, and many things and many nothings have happened in these days.  I became more brave about going above deck when we were in the place my human called the San Juans.  It was still pretty awful, there was water everywhere, but I felt ok in the cockpit, especially since there were sunbeams, and my human.

Logan Emerges - Spencer Spit

Logan Emerges – Spencer Spit

Day 295

The boat home was in motion for quite awhile again, but mostly it was not a bad trip until the last day.  That one was pretty rough and I stayed under the blankets and tried not to vomit on my human’s sheets.  She gets really upset about that.

I could hear her on the radio deciding to stop early at Edmonds, and I was happy about that.  The best part was that we went to the cat bed when it was still daylight and stayed there until the next daylight.  My human must have been quite tired. I checked…she was alive. Best cat nap ever.

Day 296

Human ( I hear it’s Dana) awoke early-ish for her. I doubt she has seen a sunrise, ever, before now. The monster roared again and we changed places. Thankfully this was a shorter day. I have a sense of when we are on the dock.

Day 300

We have apparently reached our new home on Q dock.  There is another of my species here and he seems to have known I was in this funny house immediately.  For the first week he visited daily, walking around and looking in every window several times per day..  He did not seem intimidated. We have a neighbor.

They Call Him Nookie from Q dock

They Call Him Nookie from Q dock

Day 340

Whether it has been from Nookie’s contents taunting of his freedom, or my boredom or just a sense of needing freedom, I decided to leap from the boat to the part that is ground, yet not quite ground. I cannot say what adventures I had, only that I was in really big trouble when I got back.   I am pretty sure I had what human’s call a hangover, since I slept the entire next day and took very little food or water. I was a little embarrassed that my friends Trey and Sundee had been looking for me all night with my human.  But not so much embarrassed that it prevented me from cuddling with Sundee overnight.

Feeling a Little Tired

Feeling a Little Tired

Day 361

Apparently my escapade resulted in repercussions I had not anticipated.  I had earned myself some type of monitoring device. Logan was given “the rabies” so that I might enter Canada unobstructed (from more Nookies I think) and then received a humiliating tracking device under my skin.  Although it was a very, very large needle, I would like to state for the record that I was completely stoic. One must maintain their honor when these things happen. I wonder if I will be profiled after this or experience alien abduction. I can only wonder. I decided to leave the boat tonight anyway…

Day 362

I really don’t know the places I am going on my sabbatical. There were many boats, many nooks and crannies, that damn Steve the Great Heron (he really is a smug bastard), and a great big world I had never seen.  Of course, we are still in prison because there was water everywhere, but my fellow inmate Nookie showed me around. He doesn’t consider himself an inmate, he’s more like a gang leader I think. I’m glad he has taken me under his wing.

Day 365

I think the party lasted too long. My human found me in the cockpit of a boat that was not ours. I don’t remember last night…She squeezed the life out of me as she took me back to our boat and I might have gripped her just as tight. That was one wild weekend. Now she is bitching at me about my insulin….whatever.  Sure was nice to see her and be home.

Day 370

I may have forgotten to mention that when I went on walkabout it was a few days before my human was planning a big sailing trip.  I’ve heard her talking – the other humans on the dock ratted out some of my various hideouts on walkabout 2. “Hey is that black cat with the white spot yours?”, “I saw him by Nookie’s boat”, “I saw him talking with Nookie behind Paul’s Dinghy”…..such a bunch of gossips. There is no privacy here.

Day 373

I suppose she was serious about this trip. My friends are here, but my human is sleeping and we are definitely underway. I had some herb.  Check in later.


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